AIObject Class Reference

Uper-parent object of all API classes. More...

Inheritance diagram for AIObject:

AIAccounting AIAirport AIBase AIBaseStation AIBridge AICargo AICompany AIDate AIEngine AIError AIEvent AIEventController AIExecMode AIGameSettings AIGroup AIIndustry AIIndustryType AIList AILog AIMap AIMarine AIOrder AIRail AIRoad AISign AISubsidy AITestMode AITile AITown AITunnel AIVehicle


class AIInstance
class AIController
void CcAI (const CommandCost &result, TileIndex tile, uint32 p1, uint32 p2)

Detailed Description

Uper-parent object of all API classes.

You should never use this class in your AI, as it doesn't publish any public functions. It is used internally to have a common place to handle general things, like internal command processing, and command-validation checks.

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