File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
ai_accounting.hppEverything to handle AI accounting things
ai_airport.hppEverything to query and build airports
ai_base.hppEverything to query basic things
ai_basestation.hppBase for stations/waypoint handling
ai_bridge.hppEverything to query and build bridges
ai_bridgelist.hppList all the bridges
ai_cargo.hppEverything to query cargos
ai_cargolist.hppList all the cargos
ai_changelog.hppLists all changes / additions to the API
ai_company.hppEverything to query a company's financials and statistics or build company related buildings
ai_controller.hppThe controller of the AI
ai_date.hppEverything to query and manipulate date related information
ai_depotlist.hppList all the depots (you own)
ai_engine.hppEverything to query and build engines
ai_enginelist.hppList all the engines
ai_error.hppEverything to query errors
ai_event.hppEverything to handle events from the game
ai_event_types.hppThe detailed types of all events
ai_execmode.hppSwitch the AI to Execute Mode
ai_gamesettings.hppEverything to read game settings
ai_group.hppEverything to put vehicles into groups
ai_grouplist.hppList all the groups (you own)
ai_industry.hppEverything to query and build industries
ai_industrylist.hppList all the industries
ai_industrytype.hppEverything to query and build industries
ai_industrytypelist.hppList all available industry types
ai_info_docs.hppDescription of the functions an AI can/must provide in AIInfo
ai_list.hppA list which can keep item/value pairs, which you can walk
ai_log.hppEverything to handle and issue log messages
ai_map.hppEverything to query and manipulate map metadata
ai_marine.hppEverything to query and build marine
ai_object.hppMain object, on which all objects depend
ai_order.hppEverything to query and build orders
ai_rail.hppEverything to query and build rails
ai_railtypelist.hppList all available railtypes
ai_road.hppEverything to query and build roads
ai_sign.hppEverything to query and build signs
ai_signlist.hppList all the signs of your company
ai_station.hppEverything to query and build stations
ai_stationlist.hppList all the stations (you own)
ai_subsidy.hppEverything to query subsidies
ai_subsidylist.hppList all the subsidies
ai_testmode.hppSwitch the AI to Test Mode
ai_tile.hppEverything to query and manipulate tiles
ai_tilelist.hppList tiles
ai_town.hppEverything to query towns
ai_townlist.hppList all the towns
ai_tunnel.hppEverything to query and build tunnels
ai_types.hppDefines all the types of the game, like IDs of various objects
ai_vehicle.hppEverything to query and build vehicles
ai_vehiclelist.hppList all the vehicles (you own)
ai_waypoint.hppEverything to query and build waypoints
ai_waypointlist.hppList all the waypoints (you own)

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