AIEvent Class Reference

Class that handles all event related functions. More...

Inheritance diagram for AIEvent:

AIObject AIEventCompanyBankrupt AIEventCompanyInTrouble AIEventCompanyMerger AIEventCompanyNew AIEventDisasterZeppelinerCleared AIEventDisasterZeppelinerCrashed AIEventEngineAvailable AIEventEnginePreview AIEventIndustryClose AIEventIndustryOpen AIEventStationFirstVehicle AIEventSubsidyAwarded AIEventSubsidyExpired AIEventSubsidyOffer AIEventSubsidyOfferExpired AIEventVehicleCrashed AIEventVehicleLost AIEventVehicleUnprofitable AIEventVehicleWaitingInDepot

Public Types

enum  AIEventType {
 The type of event. More...

Public Member Functions

 AIEvent (AIEvent::AIEventType type)
 Constructor of AIEvent, to get the type of event.
AIEventType GetEventType ()
 Get the event-type.

Protected Attributes

AIEventType type
 The type of this event.

Detailed Description

Class that handles all event related functions.

You can lookup the type, and than convert it to the real event-class. That way you can request more detailed information about the event.

Member Enumeration Documentation

The type of event.

Needed to lookup the detailed class.

Member Function Documentation

AIEventType AIEvent::GetEventType (  )  [inline]

Get the event-type.

The AIEventType.

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