ai_types.hpp File Reference

Defines all the types of the game, like VehicleID, . More...


typedef uint BridgeType
 Internal name, not of any use for you.
typedef byte CargoID
 The ID of a cargo.
typedef uint16 EngineID
 The cost of a command.
typedef uint16 GroupID
 The ID of a group.
typedef uint16 IndustryID
 The ID of an industry.
typedef uint8 IndustryType
 The ID of an industry-type.
typedef OverflowSafeInt64 Money
 Money, stored in a 32bit/64bit safe way. For AIs money is always in pounds.
typedef uint16 SignID
 The ID of a sign.
typedef uint16 StationID
 The ID of a station.
typedef uint16 StringID
 The ID of a string.
typedef uint32 TileIndex
 The ID of a tile (just named differently).
typedef uint16 TownID
 The ID of a town.
typedef uint16 VehicleID
 The ID of a vehicle.
typedef uint16 WaypointID
 The ID of a waypoint.
typedef uint AIErrorType
 The types of errors inside the NoAI framework.
typedef BridgeType BridgeID
 The ID of a bridge.
typedef uint16 SubsidyID
 The ID of a subsidy.
typedef struct SQVM * HSQUIRRELVM
 Pointer to Squirrel Virtual Machine.
typedef int SQInteger
 Squirrel Integer.
typedef struct SQObject HSQOBJECT
 Squirrel Object (fake declare).

Detailed Description

Defines all the types of the game, like VehicleID, .


Typedef Documentation

typedef uint16 EngineID

The cost of a command.

The ID of an engine.

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